Sunday, July 14, 2019

One Bear's Opinion on: Murder on Trinity Place

Murder on Trinity Place
by Victoria Thompson

Ahh, I've caught up with the series. It's always a bit sad to finish the last book in a series and have to wait for the next one to come out. The wait is so much longer when there is not a book to read in between. I try to set the series up so that I am one book behind so I always have one to read while waiting for the next, but I was so excited by having two new books in this series that I read them both back-to-back. It meant a nice long visit with Sarah, Frank, Maeve, and Gino, but now there will be a long time between visits.

The Century has turned in Sarah's world (or has it?) and someone got murdered during the festivities. That's the set up for the book and it was a fun ride to the end.

I had the murderer picked out pretty early, but it was fun read along and discover how and when Sarah and the gang figured it out as well.

The information on "swill milk" was interesting, and I wish the author have done an epilogue to follow up with that plot point.

But the real star of this visit with the Malloys, et al. was the sub-plot. No spoilers here, but it's a fun and rewarding part of the story. Read this for the sub-plot if nothing else.

One Bear's Opinion: Five glasses of brandy and a plate of funeral potatoes

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