Sunday, June 30, 2019

One Bear's Opinion on: The Road to Granschester

The Road to Grantchester
by James Runcie

The story of how Sidney Chambers got to be Sidney Chambers, this is a prequel to the Grantchester mysteries. And I am glad I read it, but disappointed by the fact that there were no mysteries in this story. I can see how mysteries might not have worked in some parts of the story, but I did miss the mystery aspect of the other Grantchester books.

What appealed to me about the Grantchester books was the mysteries. It was fun to try and solve them along with Sidney. This book tells the story before Sidney got to Ely and it was an interesting tale of becoming the Sidney Chambers I know from the other books, but there was still the disappointing lack of mysteries.

I'd like more adventures with Sidney Chambers and friends, though it seems now as though the author has written the stories from beginning to end. Re-reading is an option, but still, I'm greedy enough to want new adventures and visits with Sidney.

The Road to Grantchester is definitely worth reading, and it's always nice to get "the rest of the story," but be warned, there is no mystery element to this so while it's the Sidney we know from the Grantchester mysteries, it's not at the same time.

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