Sunday, April 14, 2019

One Bear's Opinion on: The Math Inspectors #2

The Math Inspectors #2: The Case of the Mysterious Mr. Jekyll
by Daniel Kenney & Emily Boever

The Math Inspectors are back, solving mysteries in Ravensburg. This one was set around Halloween and involved vandalism being done by someone who tagged it as "Mr. Jekyll."

It was a fun mystery to solve and there were plenty of misdirects and red herrings throughout, but not as much math as in the first one. I was a bit disappointed because the first in the series was such fun to play along and use math with the kids to solve the mystery. This one had math, but it wasn't as much a part of the mystery or solution as in the first book. I was really hoping this series would continue as a kind of Numb3rs in print for middle readers. I'm still going to check out the remaining books in the series, but I am not quite as excited about the rest as I was before reading this one.

Overall, it was a fun, easy, quick read, and without much math at all, even nervous math-phobic readers need not be put off by the title/series name. I'm still recommending the series, but with the caveat that it might not be as exciting and fun in terms of math as I had hoped based on the first book.

One Bear's Opinion: Four big glasses of lemonade and a couple of orders of Wiener Pups for sharing

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