Friday, May 3, 2019

One Bear's Opinion on: Wakestone Hall

Wakestone Hall
by Judith Rossell

Wakestone Hall is the final Stella Montgomery Intrigue. Stella has been sent off to a boarding school by her aunts and finds an exciting time. As with the other Stella Montgomery books, there is a great adventure as the main part of the story. It's a fun, thrilling kind of adventure, and the story came to a very satisfying ending, but this was not as strong a book as the first one in the series.

I preferred the mystery of this book to the mystery of the first and second ones in the series, but this book did not have the same feel as the first one. On the whole, this book was better than the second adventure, but not as exciting or fun as the first one. I'm having a hard time saying more than this without spoiling the book for future readers, and I do not want to do that.

Stella is an intriguing character, and one I would like to call a friend, but the ups and downs of the adventure make it hard to figure out how to make friends with Stella. It was much easier to make friends with the supporting characters in this book, and unfortunately readers do not have nearly enough time with them.

Ultimately, the Stella Montgomery Intrigue was a fun and satisfying read, but this reader still has some remaining unanswered questions, and really wishes the books were more even and consistent. The series is definitely worth a read, but not as much fun or as engaging as other, similar series I have read.

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